The Flair of Fermob



Your yard can potentially be a direct addition to your home. Continue the flow of your personal style in comfort with the perfect furniture. Summer evening are perfect for bringing the whole family outdoors to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air. Gone are the days of uncomfortable, plastic lawn chairs with failing, top-heavy umbrella canopies that fall over with each slight breeze. Add durable, practical, stylish furniture by Fermob to your yard to reflect your unique vision in a whole new realm.


Little Red is excited to announce its new, special affiliation with Fermob furniture. One of only two distributors in the United States, Little Red Nursery is now able to access more Fermob than anyone else in the area. Browse our showroom and you will find the ever-expanding flavor of Fermob around every corner. You may also call on our full landscape design team to fully realize your vision. The lovely colors and textures of Fermob are made even more exciting accompanied with plants selected and arranged by Little Red. Select the perfect piece from our inventory and receive 10% off for a limited time. Summer is made perfect by color courtesy of Little Red.


Fermob Color Swatch


In case you haven’t heard, Fermob is a dynamically different brand of furniture. One of the things that set it apart is its dedication to protecting the environment it graces. Notably, the lines, textures and colors reflect and complement nature rather than distract from it. The simple designs remain timeless maintain harmony in your yard. All Fermob furniture is manufactured with materials that are mostly recycled. As if by modern, stylish reincarnation, Fermob furniture takes shape from materials that you can truly be comfortable with. The entire product is modeled with integrity from its solvent-free paint to its recycled packaging. Fermob is also continually searching for ways to reduce energy during manufacturing.

Aside from being based around a radically different business model with an effective focus on the protection of the environment, Fermob is also known for its quality. Each piece is thoroughly inspected before being packaged and sent out. This ensures that the pieces match in color and are of equal quality. They are also meticulously painted by an actual human being with the dedication it takes to produce a truly beautiful work of art. The finished product is a light-weight, yet durable piece of furniture that can be easily be moved to match your own changing vision.

Forsake the cookie-cutter, average furniture lines and choose Fermob for its unique classic styling. Distinctive lines and details make a profound impact upon your yard. Mix and match the multitude of Fermob colors for a drastic, artful ensemble or choose a more classic, monochromatic assortment. Designed for grace, beauty and practicality each piece showcases the Fermob ideal of unique furniture that is durable enough to become staple in your life. By purchasing Fermob furniture from Little Red, you connect with a forward thinking ideal built with integrity, and designed for creating memories.