August always serves as our transition period.The summer is now winding down into what we hope will be a refreshingly crisp fall with a dazzling array of colors on every tree. Soon the hot, slow days will be enveloped by the hustle of school, fall sports and all of the other activities that resume when the air begins to chill. Still, there are plenty of exciting surprises to encounter at Little Red Nursery during the end of summer.


At Little Red, we have long been concerned with effective watering techniques. We are now excited to carry a line of ollas from Growing Awareness Urban Farm. These clay pots are buried and continually filled with water through an opening in the top which is left uncovered. This ancient form of irrigation is highly efficient because it utilizes water that would be wasted due to evaporation when using a standard hose to water. The clay also acts as a type of filter as water seeps through it. By eliminating many of the undesirable additives in the water, the benefits of each watering are greatly increased.  Olla irrigation is a simple, cost effective way to save water and protect your plants from the hard minerals and chemicals that can be found in the water in our area.

See our expanding variety of indoor plants. We have your favorites such as peace lilies and ivies, but also some more unique features that are sure to catch your eye. From colorful bromeliads to rare ferns, you will find what you need to brighten your indoor spaces. Accessorize with some of our recently added ceramic pottery and decorative baskets. If it’s a small spaces like a dorm, apartment, or office, consider attending our Big Ideas in Small Spaces workshop on August 13th to gain inspiration for your areas that are limited in size. We will even be offering 10% off with a student ID August 1 through September 11. The first weeks of school are always overwhelming, and we encourage you to add some peace and comfort to your space to help ease the transition.

Little Red is also striving to assist you with the hectic bustle of the coming months. We try to offer products and services that truly suit your lifestyle. An ever-changing inventory guarantees you will discover something new and unique when you visit. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can often conveniently special order what you need. Our goal is offer products and services that satisfy your busy schedule, and luxuriously expand into your relaxation. We also offer delivery within the Lubbock area. Our services include free delivery to any patient in the Covenant Health system. This new service is our way of expressing gratitude and sensitivity to all of our customers during their most stressful times.