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Bright Green Living Wall Panel

Incorporating a living wall into your landscape instantly softens any hard architectural lines with the natural flow of plant life. Add color and interest to an otherwise bland surface simply by adding bright flowers or plants. This vertical garden kit makes it easy!

The Living Wall Planter are available in two sizes: 10 or 45 cells. The 10 cell units are 4″ deep which is great for most types of plants. The 45 cell units are just under 3″ deep which works well for succulents. Simply put the plants in each of the cells by following the planting instructions provided with your kit.

Each panel can be hung separately or in groups. They can be easily planted and mounted either directly on to a wall surface or on to a stand alone frame. Weight of a fully planted panel is approximately 15 to 20 lbs saturated to make handling and mounting easier.

This living wall planter manages water in a sustainable way due in part to the water retention properties each panel has. Each cell in the panel can retain a certain amount while still providing good drainage and aeration of the growth medium. Water enters through the top watering chamber and spreads evenly across the back. Plants can be watered manually with the irrigator or through a built-in drip line system.

The panels are recyclable but more importantly reusable. Due to their solid construction, they can be planted and replanted if someone chooses to change the plantings.

From a small framed arrangement to an entire facade, there is no limit to what you can create with this vertical garden planter. You can arrange your plants by shape or color into an ever evolving one of a kind work of art with endless possibilities.

10 cells w/ mounting strip 18″h x 8.5″w x 3.5″
45 cells w/ mounting strip 20″h x 20″w x 2.5″d
Framed 10 cell kit 24″h x 16″w x 5″d