Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens, originally the creation of French botanist Patrick Blanc, are charging into the American market. A vertical garden is simply all the plants you know and love turned on their side.  Maybe you’ve seen small scale versions in your favorite magazine or certainly when you’ve visited Little Red this season.  With Blanc’s interpretation of the style including entire houses covered in lush, beautiful plants and the even more radical Japanese versions evolving daily into even more complex hybrids of horticulture, art, and architecture, how can you have a more practical yet inspired vertical garden in your own home or yard? By turning to the vertical garden experts at Little Red Riding Hood Nursery, of course.


The success of your vertical depends heavily on the equipment you use to build it. We carry a full line of vertical garden free standing units, cell panels, and other supplies. Free standing all-in-one units are very practical for beginners or anyone with limited space. They make a great weekend project and are particularly simple to plant. Little Red’s vertical garden specialists can also help you design, coordinate, and construct larger-scale projects that will inspire you for years to come.


The more obvious and varying element of your vertical garden is the plants you choose. Succulent varieties have been a favorite of Little Red for their vast array of colors, shapes and textures, but you may also consider more lush and colorful plants. Drought resistent plants are best in our area because the lack of humidity can be stressful. You can add color with lovely bougainvilla, or flowering kalanchoe and contrast it with ivy or another drought tolerant plant.


Large vertical gardens can be designed and built in store after a comprehensive consultation to determine your unique vision. Some customers opt for a basic pattern or even just an assortment of complimentary plants to be installed on a wall or fence. Other customers choose to have a subtle design created with contrasting colors that becomes more visible as you step back a few feet. Whatever effect you wish your vertical garden to have, Little Red Nursery can be your one stop to a beautiful vertical garden.



This slideshow brings the inspiration behind one of our vertical gardens to life. We begin with a personal consultation with a focus on realizing your exact vertical vision. During the design process we work closely with our client to select the right plants and materials for the project. We begin the construction stage in store and designate a plant to each vertical plant cell. We then have our team transport the project to your location and apply the fine details of the design. As you can see, the finished vertical garden makes a big difference to the sense of the landscape.